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Love Hemp

Hemp is a natural gift and an incredibly versatile plant which has been cultivated for thousands of years; carbon tests have suggested that the use of wild hemp dates as far back as 8000 B.C. In recent years, it has been legalized in America, for industrial purposes including fabrics, nutrient-rich food sources, oils, industrial building supplies, plastics and health benefits of CBD plant extraction. It is the natural choice for future eco-conscious materials and health products.


Hemp Fiber Facts

• Naturally hypoallergenic

• Absorbs dye easily and retains color well

• Holds up to repeated washings and never needs dry cleaning

• Absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, breathes well

• Naturally antimicrobial

• Resistant to mold and mildew

Hemp Seed Oil Facts

• Anti Inflammatory

• Helps prevent premature aging

• Boosts the immune system

• High amounts omega fatty acids

• Aleviates skin prone to acne, exzema and psoriasis

• Reduces pain


hemp protein and seed oil facts and information by mooncloth hemp lifestyle

“Retail brands now want to be your cannabis dealer, with pot-infused foods, beauty products, and other consumer goods that bottle the plant’s much-buzzed-about healing benefits.”


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