Pink Full Moon


With so much beautiful energy whirling around in the cosmos right now, we wanted to hone in on some interesting happenings so you can effectively direct your magic and bask in the glowy vibes of this full moon. You might have heard that there is going to be a ‘Pink Full Moon’ in Scorpio on Sunday April 29th, and although she probably won’t actually be pink, she will be big and beautiful!

“On this day, the Earths soil reaches its peak moment in fertility making it an extraordinarily powerful day for optimized creative potential.”

- Brandilyn Bee

The full moon in April is always called the *Pink Moon*. It's a Native American tradition because wild ground phlox (or pink moss) are some of the first flowers to bloom during the season. “Natives used the moons to help keep track of times, instead of relying on a Julian or Gregorian calendars. Different tribes had different names for the moons, which is why there are name variations. Ultimately, the names reflect an activity that occurs at the time of each full moon.”

This Scorpio full moon brings the relentless energy of the Wild Woman archetype, Kali, Lilith, the one who dances in the underworld to bring transformation, truth, self-discovery, blood, play, and regeneration. She is sultry, inquisitive, powerful and intoxicating. There may be a bit of a war with our inner desires and yearning for growth, and the question is: ‘Do you have the courage to pursue your dreams…the urgings of your Soul so your outer life & your inner life are in complete alignment?’

“Scorpio asks us to be willing to die – on every level except physically. To surrender our plans to a higher power, to release all that dishonors our values & to relinquish security that compromises our integrity & inner power.”

“We’re asked to balance our desire for transformation (Scorpio) with our need for stability and security (Taurus). With the sun in Taurus, we’re not so interested in being 'transformed.' (We’re perfectly comfortable as we are, thank you very much!) But deep down, we know all too well that nothing in life is permanent—and the full moon in Scorpio is a powerful reminder.”

What we have spent the last six months envisioning and working to manifest is starting to really surface now, its been steadily growing. You might even be feeling a little impressed with yourself now, remember to share what you’ve learned, and bring conscious breath or song to your feeling of gratitude to keep the momentum going. Neptune is one of the keys to this Moon’s transformation integration as well. The planet of inspiration, dreamtime, psychic receptivity, subtle visions, sends guidance through your own inner spiritual connection during this time. Tune in and notice what kind of insights come during this time.

You may have already experienced a call for change, a golden opportunity presented to you, or may have noticed a new phase of your life unfolding. YAY! Scorpio is a nice spotlight and push to bring more drive and ambition to catapult your life so you make sure you come out on top. Taurus has been keeping you pretty balanced until now, but with the emotions turned up, its a little shaky. Don’t worry because these two can be a symbiotic powerhouse for beautiful transformation. Make sure to hear the desires of your heart, and look out for your own best interest, and what you really want. Be true to what you’ve been working on, and allow yourself to discard the rest. A little fun and dancing can also be helpful to vibrate out stagnant energy and open the channels of creation! Transmute the negative into positive!


Soulshine Astrology shares the areas of life that are getting fired up by this Full Moon, specifically for each zodiac sign:

♈️ ARIES ~ Business & Finance ⠀
♉️ TAURUS ~ Close Relationships⠀
♊️ GEMINI ~ Health, Work & Daily Routines⠀
♋️ CANCER ~ Creative Projects⠀
♌️ LEO ~ Home, Family & Long-term Security⠀
♍️ VIRGO ~ Social Networking⠀
♎️ LIBRA ~ Love, Money, Desires & Goals⠀
♏️ SCORPIO ~ Identity & Leadership⠀
♐️ SAGITTARIUS ~ Spiritual Pursuits⠀
♑️ CAPRICORN ~ Community & Friendship⠀
♒️ AQUARIUS ~ Career & Higher Calling⠀
♓️ PISCES ~ Education, Exploration & Self-Discovery⠀



In addition to this exciting moon, Beltane, the springtime holiday of Wicca and other pagan western traditions, is also just around the corner. It’s a time attuned to sexuality and fertility. This celebration is held on the first of May to welcome the energy of possibility and growth. Some of our favorite springtime traditions come from this ancient Celtic celebration, including bonfires. Flowers are also celebrated on this day.

For Beltane, make space for the possible. We are reminded of the radical celebration of May Day, which honors the “counterculture” and the possibility of a better world through our conscious effort.

Ritual: It is a Beltrane tradition to create a “Wish Box.” Put some artistic energy into decorating a recycled or special new box. Make it a place you admire, a place you want to turn toward. This is a box where you will place your intentions in order to manifest them. These are your most coveted possibilities. It is important to write them in the present-tense, as if they already are, or you may be left wanting. Set up a sacred space and pour your heart onto paper or other specially charged items and place into the wish box.

This blog post was inspired by some of the female leaders in the Bay Area who are holding gatherings for this powerful pink moon. We have so much gratitude for everyone who is on this journey with us and we are truly looking forward to what is coming ♥️


Photos by Kristina Bakrevski