Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn

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⌲⌲ It is said that during the full moon, we are more in tune with the aether. Everything mystical, magical, and mysterious belongs to this time.

The June full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon. I personally have a very strong relationship with the Strawberry moon. For me, it is intensely rejuvenating, it is validating, and it is symbolic of the wildness and freedom of Summer. My first encounter with this moon was biking in the June moonlight. I recall being overwhelmed with the smell of flowers and blooms, so I knew these sweet summer scents must be its namesake.

This Wednesday, just after 9pm (PST), the moon will become full in the sign of Capricorn. This occurs during Cancer’s time of the year, conjuring up an interesting dichotomy between this reserved Water sign and this tenacious Earth sign. This juxtaposition calls upon us to strike a balance between head & heart - between our inner & outer lives. We are asked to consider the relationship between feeling and achievement. Put another way,

⌲⌲ We must examine the relationship between the source of our desires (Cancer) and the actions we take in service of these desires (Capricorn).

To grasp insight from this time, we recommend a ritual. To start, I will offer a small tarot reading for the Mooncloth blog readers! If you don’t have your own deck, we absolutely love The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel. First, I pulled Five of Crystals. This card represents the many choices which weigh upon us. These are the things which feel our livelihoods and prosperity depend upon. Next, I pulled Queen of Coins. She symbolizes fulfillment of the lower 2 chakras, our needs for self-care, safety and security satisfied. Third, I pulled Knight of Cups. She represents the aspect of ourselves which has our best interest at heart, and lovingly wants us to succeed. Cups belong to the Water Element and Crystals belong to Earth, so already we see the Strawberry Moon’s energy taking form in this reading.

⌲⌲ It would seem that our basic needs drive a lot of our decision making and we try to balance this with the messages from our hearts.

To absorb the wisdom of this reading - or one you do yourself - symbolically unite Cancer/Water and Capricorn/Earth. The moon, Cancer, and water are all parts of the same energetic whole, so why not take a bath! To really bring intention to this ritual bath you can incorporate a candle and a bath bomb. While you immerse yourself in water, and thus the reflective and meditative qualities of Cancer and the Moon, hold this reading in mind with Capricorn’s values of astuteness, good judgement, and respect.

⌲⌲  Contemplate the lesson of the Strawberry Moon: Rather than where they are going, where have my ambitions come from?


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