Top Eco Trends to Try in 2018

  photo by  @sacredfem

photo by @sacredfem

The new year is a great time to establish a healthier new routine, and we think your home space is a great place to start. We believe that embracing a holistic lifestyle starts in the home. We’ve rounded up our list of hot new Eco Trends of 2018 to get you started.


For Your Home Space:



Avocado Green Mattress -  These beautiful and eco-friendly mattresses are made from 100% natural Dunlop latex harvested from sustainable tree-tapped sources, natural New Zealand wool, certified organic cotton and an internal, zoned, pressure-point system made from recycled steel. Avocado Green Mattresses are handmade in California without polyurethane foams, memory foams, chemical flame retardants, or chemical adhesives between the comfort layers. Enjoy chemical free rest when you need it most.

Odor-Free Bamboo Compost Keeper – If you’re not yet composting, consider giving it a try! Toss your organics into this chic bamboo container and let it break down as nature intended. Made from natural bamboo, with a lift-out dishwasher safe pail liner. The charcoal filter keeps things smelling sweet for up to six months. Learn more about composting here.

Koala Eco Household Cleaners - KOALA ECO products are designed to energize your spirits as well as clean and protect your home. They contain ingredients that are 100% plant-derived, biodegradable, and safe for daily use. Koala Eco products are infused with essential oils rather than toxic fragrances for an all natural, fresh scent.

Synergy Organic Clothing - Fair labor. Based out of Santa Cruz, California. Provides GOTS certified organic women's clothing primarily made out of organic cotton, in addition to organic bamboo. "Our line embodies a classic yet fashion forward look, with respect to the planet. We sell dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, and yoga clothing, designed to be staples in a woman's closet."

Botanium Automated Planters – Love the idea of keeping greenery in your home but can’t keep anything alive? Give one of these adorable Botanium Automated Planters a try. This is urban gardening at its best.

Package Free Shop – This little company has boldly declared that “Trash is for Tossers” and we couldn’t agree more. They are making it easier to educate and live a zero waste lifestyle. Replace your zip locks and plastic bags with better options, and make sure to get yourself some reusable #zerowaste produce bags this year! Check out their founder's 4 YEARS of trash in one tiny jar here.

Tesla Solar Roof – 2017 was all Elon Musk, and something tells us we’re going to keep hearing a lot about this Silicon Valley superman. We’re especially intrigued by the surprisingly stylish Tesla Solar Roof. “Power your Home with Beautiful Solar”

Thrive Market Grocery Subscription – If you’re like us, a huge amount of your time and income goes towards groceries. With Thrive Market, you can enjoy those Organic Brands you love for way less. Best of all, your monthly box of goodies is shipped right to your door, so no more standing in lines at Whole Foods.

Parley x Addidas - Addidas is working with PARLEY to keep plastic out of our oceans and transform it into high-performance sportswear. Spinning the problem into a solution. The threat into thread. Parley has loads of information about what they are doing, and what you can do too. Many of us buy sportswear, so why not make it recycled?


Just for You:

"Their debut project, a prototype Microsilk dress designed by McCartney and handmade by Bolt’s knitters, was revealed in October at New York’s Museum of Modern Art " - Fast Company

Bolt Threads Bioengineered Spider Silk - Bolt Threads is harnessing proteins found in nature to create fibers and fabrics with both practical and revolutionary uses. "Bolt Threads, an eight-year-old startup that has created a product called Microsilk, which is bioengineered to mimic the chemistry and strength of real silk created by spiders in nature." So far, they've made silk ties which sold out immediately, and you might be lucky to snag one of their partnered hats (when they restock!) here. They've even teamed up with well-known vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney.

Love Goodly Subscription Box – This bimonthly subscription box delivers non-toxic beauty, lifestyle and wellness products at a great price. The brands they carry are cruelty-free, organic, non-gmo, eco-friendly and vegan. If you’re looking to eliminate toxic chemicals from your life, beauty products are a great place to start.

Hemp Eyewear – Hemp is a truly amazing material, as is evident with these killer glasses made from Hemp! This is one of the most interesting applications of hemp we’ve ever seen and it provides a great sustainable alternative to products made from harmful materials.

Pixie Cup – A Pixie Menstrual Cup is a reusable silicone cup that collects your menstrual flow. Feminine hygiene products are full of chemically treated cotton and they pile up in landfills. The Pixie Cup is a reusable alternative to all that waste, and they donate cups to women in need. Try it before you knock it. If nothing else, you’ll save major cash on all those boxes of tampons.

Thinx Underwear – Super absorbent undies that hold up to 2 tampons worth of menstrual blood. The top layer fights bacteria and absorbs any liquid into the über thin layer right beneath it, so you always stay dry. We love the look and comfort of these super cute underwear and can’t get enough of their cheeky sense of humor.


And for those of you looking for signs of radical change in the future…you just might want to check out this Cannabis Car created by Bruce Michael Dietzen, inspired by the original one that Henry Ford made:

“Body panels and chassis components made from hemp are lighter weight than steel or metal, and are are far more dent resistant than steel. Every bit of plastic, carpeting and upholstery in a car can be made of hemp.”

Eco Trends to Try in 2018 ::: MOONCLOTH

Written by Kerry Galbraith