#GOALS Astro New Year Reboot

#GOALS Astro New Year Reboot

So maybe you’re already feeling fired up and inspired to take on the new year; you have your list of goals and resolutions and you fully intend to make them happen. You are a badass, and I can say that I too have some sparkling oomph to get the ball rolling in 2018. If you are not planning on purposely changing anything, or you just don't know where to begin, Life will take care, like it always does. You are a badass too!

In the last few months I know that I have experienced a lot of shifting, releasing, and am currently in a rebuilding phase. I’m sure you’ve heard it all… the trials are not going to be easy, they are going to push you… Well, I can say that in recent weeks I have had the fortune of facing some really weird shadows in myself, and I am of course learning how to build strength out of weakness.

After 30 years, Saturn recently entered Capricorn, where it will remain until March 21st, 2020.

It’s the sign of setting and achieving #GOALS. Things are a new story now. Forrest Astrology says, “Saturn is the planet that gives us the ability to do what we do not feel like doing. When was the last time you felt like going to the dentist? Or cleaning the house? But consider the consequences if you simply decide to blow off those little duties.” Saturn works on way bigger elements too; forcing us to grow up. It’s not necessarily just in the stiff and hardened way, Saturn helps us reevaluate the big moving parts of our lives. I like to think of it like the careful weaver who wants to tie a strong structure, and then gets to work pulling colorful strings here and there, making changes one by one to the shape a beautiful tapestry. Saturn can be direct and forceful at times, but it wants us to refine our world and redefine ourselves by having an honest look inside.



#GOALS Astro New Year Reboot



Saturn in Capricorn Survival Tips by Debra Silverman Astrology:

  • Be Honest: Reflect on where you are in your life, and be honest with yourself. Do you have the career you hoped to have? What about your romantic relationship? How are your friendships and your relationship with your family? Being honest about where you are and what you want from your life will give you greater clarity about your life’s purpose.
  • Tidy Up: Part of this next phase of Saturn is examining your own physical, mental and emotional space. Get rid of whatever no longer serves you. Purge your life of things that no longer reflect who you are, whether that’s clothes, ideas, friends or habits. Pare down your life to what’s essential.
  • Adjust Your Focus: Maybe your life has turned out differently than you expected. Now is the perfect time to embrace what your life is, not what you thought it should or would be.
  • Turn Inward: Saturn entering Capricorn is about honest self-reflection. Examine your dreams. Visualize where you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years. Will you be able to look back at your life and feel you’ve lived the life you always hoped for?
  • Make a Plan: When Saturn enters Capricorn, it’s not the time to leave your life up to fate. Think about what you want from your job, your relationships and yourself, and then make a plan that can lead you to those goals. Saturn is the taskmaster and the patriarch of the zodiac, so it’ll demand your full attention and focus.
  • Take Care of Yourself: Many of us spend time caring for others and not enough time caring for ourselves. Neglecting yourself may catch up with you during Saturn’s next phase, so make yourself a priority. Try meditation or yoga. Take a class you’ve always been curious about. Find a new hobby.
  • Lean In: Saturn makes us face our fears, or deal with the consequences if we bury them. Identify those fears and weaknesses, and commit to working on them.
#GOALS Astro New Year Reboot

I’ve been feeling that this year is really going to be more selfless focus on the Outer World as a means of healing the deep and personal Inner World. Selfish indulgence, no matter how low-key, can become too much sometimes and needs to get in check, or nothing really gets done. Saturn is our ruler and reminder of this. A little “nose to the grindstone” is in order to really galvanize all that we are envisioning for ourselves and our True Calling. We’ll call it #goals plus #leadership = #change.

This year the big dreams we’ve nurtured are coming to life, while also being grounded down by new directions that we have yet to even imagine or encounter. The real nectar is to feel what is authentically YOU and give that your YES this year. By doing this, your mission, vision and action will be completely aligned and empowered by your unique gifts.

...because our true calling is not just about us, but also the impact of our work on the world
...because our true calling is not just about making money, but growing in our leadership
...because our true calling is not just about personal empowerment, but collective wellbeing

-Nisha Moodley

#GOALS Astro New Year Reboot


Here are some exciting astrological events to enjoy this month, including a January 31 - Super Blue Moon Eclipse.


January 1 - Full Moon in Cancer

"This lunation is especially potent, as it’s the first of TWO full moons to fall in the same month. Both full moons are powerful supermoons, meaning la luna will appear about 30 percent larger and brighter than usual.

Honor the (divine) mother. The star sign of Cancer is represented by divine feminine energy and is naturally ruled by the moon. The Cancer full supermoon is a charged event that will spotlight intuition. This matriarchal lunation might make for a family-friendly affair. Cancer wants everyone to feel safe and secure, but that doesn’t mean building walls and locking ourselves away in our homes, either! These maternal moonbeams sound the call to come together and connect on a more personal level.

Cancer governs the zodiac’s fourth house of motherhood and femininity. The Cancer supermoon puts us deeply in tune with our feelings. Pick up the phone or write a letter to your mom or a mother figure. Set out a photo of a special female ancestor and light a candle to channel her divine wisdom. Post a picture and tribute to a special woman in your life. If you’re a mother, do something to honor yourself. Think of the Cancer full moon as the astrological Mother’s Day. Spend extra time with kids who look up to you, or with the people you call family—whether the bond is based on biology or chemistry.” (astrostyle.com)


January 2 - Uranus Direct

"All of those urges we've been suppressing for the past five months will erupt on a personal and global scale. Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises, but it was inhibited while in retrograde. It's been a period of relative quiet, but now we may experience both brilliant and disturbing ideas and events -- especially as Uranus moves through fiery Aries. Uranus in Aries represents sudden and unexpected events, including wild weather and political uprisings -- all of which we've seen hit every part of the globe recently. So if you think the past five months have been chaotic, you ain't seen nuthin' yet. Get ready and brace yourself for more of the unexpected now that Uranus is moving direct again. This is all part of the transformational times we're living in, and as frightening as it may be, such change is needed to redirect humanity toward a better future. Here we go!"  (tarot.com)


January 15 - Jupiter Sextile Pluto

"Transiting Jupiter sextile Pluto brings success through positive change. You do not have to force change or have to react to unexpected change. This is a natural development in your life associated with increased power and influence, spiritual and personal growth, wealth creation and professional advancement.

A strong urge to reform something in your life will coincide with an opportunity to do just that. Go with the flow and take full advantage of the opportunities that open up in front of you. This should be a time of great satisfaction with your achievements. Your success should be accompanied by more influence and popularity." (astrologyking.com)


#GOALS Astro New Year Reboot

January 16 - New Moon in Capricorn

"Capricorn is the sign of goals, ambitions, direction, and life path, so we can focus on where we're going in life, where we want to be, the goals we want to achieve, and how we can achieve them, whether individually or as a collective.

Capricorn rules our governments, politicians, institutions, and rulers, so there can be extra focus on them (for better or for worse?). We may want more order, more discipline, more practicality, and to see the bigger picture. We can take on more responsibilities, or demand accountability. We can set high expectations, and keep pushing until we reach the top. We know what we're capable of achieving, and we can work harder for what we want.

This new moon is conjunct (aligned with) Venus in Capricorn, helping us to come together, benefiting from partnerships and cooperation and diplomacy, and we can be more compromising, fair-minded, and focused on justice. We can work to get along better, and may focus more on certain connections, relationships, and alliances." (thedarkpixieastrology.com)




January 31 - Super Blue Moon Eclipse

"The new year brings two chances to witness one of the most easily accessible sky shows: a total lunar eclipse. The first opportunity arrives on January 31, when Earth's dark shadow will slowly creep over the bright lunar disk as the planet moves between the sun and the moon.

Adding to the excitement, the full moon that night will also be a supermoon, when the lunar orb is relatively close to Earth and so appears bigger and brighter than average. And since the January 31 full moon will be the second one in the month, it will also be what’s known as a blue moon, the first one in 150 years.

Totality, or total coverage of the moon, begins at 7:51 a.m. ET (12:51 UT). The entire eclipse will be visible from the western Pacific Ocean, Alaska, western Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, and Japan. Sky-watchers in eastern North America will witness only a partial eclipse, since the event starts near sunrise." (nationalgeographic.com)




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