4 Ways to Boost Positivity in Your Home


There are virtues in yoga which guide us to lead a more balanced, ethical life both in our approach to others and to the world as a whole. These principles are known as the Yamas and include philosophies such as truthfulness, non-greed, and harm reduction. Integrating these values into your practices in the home can attract positivity and well-being into your world where it matters the most - your home. Better yet, meaningful choices in your home can help reflect positivity back into the world! Here are some ways that you can incorporate these values into your life.

Connect to your truth.

Any time I find myself thinking that I should, I try to consider instead what I want. Being truthful with myself about what I want and what is best for the world helps me to make the best decisions. We often chose what is easiest, cheapest, or simplest - but is the cheapest product or the easy-way-out truly what you want? How would it feel to make wholesome choices out of love for your space? Imagine being surrounded by things you selected for their aesthetics, not just their utility. There is no better place to begin connecting to your truth than in your own home.

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Go plant-based.

A new study has found that plastic waste is contaminating drinking water. A major cause of this is putting synthetic, plastic-fibers into our washers and dryers. Greed in the petroleum and plastics industry fuels this unbalanced cycle of waste and scarcity. Natural fabrics like hemp are a gentler, more sustainable material for your linens and home goods. Products which come from nature transition more easily back into nature when they leave our homes. Choose plant-based materials for the well-being of yourself and of the Earth - which is our home after all!

Perform small acts of kindness.

One time, when visiting a friend she offered me a glass of water when I came over. I was astounded by this little act of thoughtfulness. Who doesn’t need a refresher, or some hydration? And how simple is it to offer? I now make an effort to share such simple pleasures to my guests. Little details like this create delight in our lives, especially for others. Even the objects we keep in our homes can foster this joy. The little things truly do add up - often in the biggest and most unexpected ways.

Reap what you sow.

When you do things that are good for others and good for the Earth, you do good for YOU! When you make a conscious choice to do things that are truthful, not harmful, and generous these values are magnetized toward you. With these suggestions in action, we can make positive choices and therefore draw more positive energy into our lives. The more we shed layers of thoughtless actions, the more we equip ourselves with actions we can be proud of. And the more we experience positivity at our own hands, the more we realize how much our actions matter.


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