Win a Ritual Kit from MoonCloth


It’s getting to be that time of year when we like to take stock of our lives and reflect on our accomplishments, our goals and give thanks for all of the people and places that inspire us. This year, we are giving thanks for our tribe; an incredible group of people who have shown their love and support since the beginning. MoonCloth would not be here without you!

As a way of showing our gratitude and appreciation, we are giving away a carefully curated Home Ritual Kit. The idea of ritual is essential to all of us here at MoonCloth, and we want to share this concept with our readers. This Home Ritual Kit includes everything you need to create a moment of quiet reflection that can be personal, or something shared. We hope you take a moment to enter for yourself, it's super simple, and we can't wait to send this awesome kit out to one special winner.

  • MoonCloth x Seminavi Farms Room Sprays in Sunlight and Moonlight. Spritz these sustainable, California made room sprays in your home space. Sunlight will uplift you, Moonlight will help you unwind.
  • Kushed Candles PanamaRed Soy Candle in Red Currant, Blood Orange and Cannabis. The bright, fresh scents will awaken the senses and give you an energizing burst of fresh, aromatic energy!
  • Kushed Candles Essential Oil Blend for relaxation in Lavender, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang and Cannabis. A few drops of this essential oil blend will bring instant calm and tranquility.
  • Rider Waite Tarot Mini Deck. We love Biddy Tarot for when we feel we need to tap in to our unlimited potential. Here’s a quote that perfectly sums up our thoughts on Tarot cards:

“Tarot cards alone aren’t magic (in fact, they’re just ink on paper!) And there’s nothing weird, wicked or woo about it. But what is magical is how Tarot cards help you connect with a deeper, more expansive part of yourself. The part of you that knows there are no limits, there’s always more than enough, and anything you want is possible." -Biddy Tarot

  • MoonCloth Hemp Ritual Tea Towel: One of our best-selling products and an essential item for your kitchen or bathroom. Use this item to layer with the Tribal Water Napkin, and create a special space where you can write your intentions and do card readings for yourself or others.
  • MoonCloth Hemp Tribal Water Napkin: The most recent addition to our product line, this print features a hand painted tribal print by one of our artists.
  • Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz Crystals. Rose Quartz represents self-love and helps one open themselves up to all forms of available love. Clear Quartz is a Storm element crystal, and is both activating and balancing. Having these two natural energies in your ritual space will amplify your words and thoughts and help them manifest into fruition.
  • Palo Santo & Sage: The sacred ritual of burning Palo Santo and Sage in one’s home allows you to clear and release negative energy, including within yourself. As you burn these natural items, use your prayers and intentions to ground yourself and cleanse your home space.
  • MoonCloth matchbook: A simple matchbook we created for just you; strike a match and let the ritual begin!

We suggest you find a special place inside or outside, and lay out all of the items in a way that utilizes your creativity. Sit down and take a few deep breaths before entering into your ritual. You can say a few words, ask a question, or set a special intention- we have ideas for specific rituals in other blogs, and new ones come out regularly. Once you have set the space, you can light the candle, and the palo santo or sage (or both!), using the Moon Matches; this cleanses the energy around you. You can use the tarot cards to gather insight about a situation, or to dig deeper into the unknown.


Ready to start your Home Ritual? Enter to win this beautiful collection of sacred items here.


Written by Kerry Galbraith