Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn

This Wednesday, just after 9pm (PST), the moon will become full in the sign of Capricorn. This occurs during Cancer’s time of the year, conjuring up an interesting dichotomy between this reserved Water sign and this tenacious Earth sign. This juxtaposition calls upon us to strike a balance between head & heart - between our inner & outer lives. We are asked to consider the relationship between feeling and achievement. Put another way, we must examine the relationship between the source of our desires (Cancer) and the actions we take in service of these desires (Capricorn).

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Goddess Oasis at the Harmony Gathering

The property was a gorgeous hillside layout of bohemian paradise featuring an old restaurant converted into the Heartlodge, an indoor/outdoor music venue, lush oak trees, and Lotus Belle Tents. The land is also home to the eco-conscious activewear line, Teeki, which makes colorful leggings and tops out of recycled plastic bottles.

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Hemp vs Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

Hemp. Marijuana. Cannabis. These words are often used interchangeably, although they are not synonyms. As it turns out, all green is not created equally. Cannabis is the overarching term to describe all recognized varieties of the plant: C. sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis. Cannabis is the genus to which each of these species belongs.

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Pink Full Moon

The full moon in April is always called the *Pink Moon*, a Native American tradition, because wild ground phlox (or pink moss) are some of the first flowers to bloom during the season. “Natives used the moons to help keep track of times, instead of relying on a Julian or Gregorian calendars. Different tribes had different names for the moons, which is why there’s D are name variations. Ultimately, the names reflect an activity that occurs at the time of each full moon.”

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Harvest Moon: An Experimental Cannabis & Dinner Party

The intention behind these events is to create true enjoyment. Harvest Moon wants to leave a lasting impression on their guests by facilitating genuine connection between attendees, memorable moments, and feelings of freedom. These intentions materialize through the careful details of Stone’s planning.

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Hemp is the Future

Cannabis is a controversial plant which is enjoying a lot of mainstream appeal these days. The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in many states in the U.S. has lead to the reconsideration of cannabis, and Hemp, as a new economic and agricultural frontier.

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Top Eco Trends to Try in 2018

The new year is a great time to establish a healthier new routine, and we think your home space is a great place to start. We believe that embracing a holistic lifestyle starts in the home. We’ve rounded up our list of hot new Eco Trends of 2018 to get you started.

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#GOALS Astro New Year Reboot

t’s the sign of setting and achieving #GOALS. Things are a new story now. Forrest Astrology says, “Saturn is the planet that gives us the ability to do what we do not feel like doing. When was the last time you felt like going to the dentist? Or cleaning the house? But consider the consequences if you simply decide to blow off those little duties.” Saturn works on way bigger elements too; forcing us to grow up. It’s not necessarily just in the stiff and hardened way, Saturn helps us reevaluate the big moving parts of our lives.

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Eco Holiday Gifting Guide

We’ve assembled for you our Eco-Holiday Gifting Guide, to help guide you through the often-overwhelming noise of over consumption, to more authentic hand-made gifts with meaning. Look for natural materials, low-waste producers, and companies that embrace Fair Trade. Happy Holidays from Mooncloth!

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Our Top 5 Eco-Conscious Fashion + Lifestyle Blog Picks

We are passionate about ethical fashion and eco-lifestyle brands, but we know it takes work to keep your purchases eco-friendly. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 5 favorite eco-conscious fashion blogs to keep you in the know.

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Harvest Moon Rituals

Libra is an air sign, the most social of the elements, and stands for harmony and balance. This
point in the moon cycle is for new beginnings, setting intentions, and observance. The new
moon attunes us to calibrate and evaluate, to step back for a moment and revel in our process.
Fall is the time of harvest and celebration, and whenever we have much we also have much to
give. For the new moon in Libra we should take care to invite our friends to our home and share
in something close to our hearts. Recharging over a home-cooked meal is an ideal way to enjoy
community, celebrate harvest, and ritualize the home in autumn.

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Clothing Labels Decoded

Enter: hemp fiber. There is a growing awareness among designers about the need for healthy, sustainable fabrics. That’s why we at Mooncloth choose to work with Hemp. Hemp is an incredibly efficient fiber that requires % less water than cotton, needs no pesticides, and farmers can produce 3 tons of fiber from just 1 acre of hemp stalk. Hemp is biodegradable, sustainable, and durable. We are proud to offer products that are good for our customers and the planet.

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4 Ways to Boost Positivity in Your Home

When you do things that are good for others and good for the Earth, you do good for YOU! When you make a conscious choice to do things that are truthful, not harmful, and generous these values are magnetized toward you. With these suggestions in action, we can make positive choices and therefore draw more positive energy into our lives. The more we shed layers of thoughtless actions, the more we equip ourselves with actions we can be proud of.

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